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Alexander Proud

7 Jun

Upon entering the Proud Cabaret Brighton, customers might think they’ve been taken back in time. The decadent décor and extravagant entertainment are reminiscent of a bygone age when going out meant more – finer dress, finer food, and finer performances of the burlesque variety.

The brainchild of Alexander Proud, the cabaret in Brighton is one of a series of three locations where guests can find a rich tapestry of opulence, amusement, and fun. Renovated from the old Hanbury Club, this venue is now home to a wide variety of entertaining shows, including one entitled 50 Shades of Cabaret, touted by reviewers as the very best in cabaret, featuring a decadent three-course menu worth raving about. Guests should be forewarned, however, that failure to obey the proper protocol and have good (or bad?) manners may result in a spanking. Other feature entertainments include a Parisian spin with Le Chat Noir, featuring classic burlesque and vintage cabaret; or Speakeasy, where an evening of bootlegging and illicit behavior transports guests back to the roaring 1920’s.

Despite its success in the cabaret and restaurant industry, the Proud Group got its start in the art industry. Proud Galleries deals in mainstream photography, often featuring rock legends in the work on display. The clientele includes everyone from current day celebrities to those who occasionally dabble in the art world due to the wide appeal of the chosen exhibits.

If the galleries and cabarets were not enough, another venture in the world of entertainment includes the Proud Camden, a bar and live music venue. By day, patrons can dine in actual horse stables, a remnant of the horse hospital that used to occupy the space. By night, they enjoy live music by the likes of entertainers like Dizzee Rascal, Johnny Borrell, Lykke Li, and I Blame Coco.

Currently, Alexander Proud himself can be found making various television appearances, as he has earned credibility as a premier commentator on photography and the entertainment industry. In addition, he appears on the hit television show Four Rooms, where he is a purchaser of the unusual artifacts people bring in for examination by competing dealers on the show.